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Who we are

Since 1997, We, at Shubham Group, have been creating landmarks in Mumbai. We create spaces that are smart, comfortable, and full of life. When you choose us, you're choosing honesty, top-quality work, and a team that keeps its promises.

Our spaces are designed to inspire, filled with ideas and innovations that make every single day special.

Trust is hard to earn, and we're proud to say that people trust us. Why? Because we deliver. We've completed many projects and have more coming up, all built to the highest standards.

We've chosen to focus on Chembur, a location that's constantly on the rise. With new transport options like the Eastern Freeway and Monorail, it's becoming a hotspot for growth.

To sum it up, we've built a legacy, covering 620,000 square feet across Mumbai. We're raising the bar for what a home should be.

Our Essence

We weave luxury into every detail, ensuring that each time you enter your home, it's a haven of comfort and a celebration of life's finest moments.

Landmarks Of Elegance And Excellence

In the vibrant backdrop of Mumbai's skyline, our landmarks stand out, not just for their design but for the stories they hold. Behind every door, in every room, are tales of dreams coming true, of milestones celebrated and of cherished memories.

Commitment Beyond Construction

Every project we undertake is a commitment, a promise that goes beyond construction. It's about understanding your aspirations, your needs, and translating them into spaces where you can truly live, laugh, and thrive.

"He's a seasoned Chartered Accountant with a passion for numbers, overseeing a vast 1,05,000 sq. ft. His deep real estate expertise is matched by an innate talent for identifying and executing ideal property deals. His legal acumen ensures airtight documentation. As a project leader, he blends enthusiasm with grace, expertly managing all aspects while leveraging his extensive legal and financial background."
Mr. Dinesh V Shah
Mr. John Pagano
"At the core of our ecosystem, he excels in liaising and securing approvals from government bodies, ensuring project timelines. With keen oversight, he upholds quality parameters at construction sites."
Mr. Nimesh S Dalal
Mr. John Pagano

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